It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. Are you satisfied with your current smile?

Madam H visited our clinic requesting for a filling on her broken tooth, accompanied by her daughter who also wanted to have her dental check-up done. At the same time, Madam H was concerned about her upper front teeth as she felt that they were asymmetrical when she smiles.

Since Madam H usually has a packed schedule, she wanted her treatment to be done in the same visit. I did a thorough check-up on her teeth and found that one of her upper front teeth appeared to be longer than the other.

Several treatment options were explained to Madam H. She decided to proceed with composite veneers on her upper teeth to make them look more well-aligned and was excited to see the outcome of the treatment!

And tadaaaaa! All we took was a mere 45 minutes to create a beautiful and more balanced smile for our lovely patient, Madam H! I passed her a mirror so that she can have a good look at her new smile. She was overjoyed and immediately showed it to her daughter!

I reassured Madam H that she will be able to eat as usual after the makeover but should never attempt to chew on bones and stones! She laughed and thanked me for giving her a better smile.

Happy patient, happy me! Thank you for putting your trust in me, Madam H. Hope you enjoy your new smile!

-Dr. Damalis (

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