Accommodating Patient’s Situation : Dr. Nik

Maryam came in requesting for a replacement of a broken filling on her upper front tooth. The filling was done approximately a year ago.

It was a very big and deep cavity. I told her that the best treatment option for the tooth is to do an elective root canal treatment followed by post crown. I discussed the procedure and the cost but since she’s on a tight budget, she asked me for a cheaper treatment option.

Hence, I did a composite build up filling supported by two restorative pins. The pins will help to provide extra retention for the filling or build up to last longer.

Two restorative pins placed
After composite build up

This is a semi permanent solution and I strongly suggested her to do the first treatment option in future. As she was walking out from my office smiling happily, she promised to come back in future for the treatment.

As a dentist we will do our best to accommodate patient’s request and situation ( be it time or budget constraint) after we laid out all the treatment options. However, we keep reminding the patient that this is not the best option and regular 6 months check up is a must.


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