Madam Nasirah had a nasty fall that broke 3 of her upper front teeth. It happened early in the morning when she woke up for Fajr prayer. Around 10 am she came as a walk in patient to our clinic. It happened at that time, I just finished my first patient of the day and guess who came to her rescue? Me, of course !!!

Madam Nasirah right after her fall.

Sometimes bad luck turns out to be a good thing. Well, if the accident didn’t happen , Madam Nasirah wouldn’t know that she has a lot of treatment to be done. However, on that unfortunate day, I promised her that I would fixed her front teeth and ease her pain. After, 1.5 hours, I managed to keep my promise. She smiled widely looking at herself in the mirror that I handed to her. ” It looks like my actual teeth doctor.” She said to me. ” Although, I still feel pain upon touching it.” She added. I explained to her that was normal and the pain will subside from few days to a week time. Anyhow I felt grateful that she loved her new teeth. As we bade good bye, I reminded her on the dos and don’ts after the treatment and also her next appointment for me to review her condition and to proceed with other treatment.

Noticed the difference on Madam Nasirah’s lower teeth on the above picture. On the left picture, her lower teeth was covered with calculus or tartar as layman’s term. She requested me to close the gap on her lower teeth after seeing the wonderful job I did on her upper teeth. I told her that first, I had to do scaling & polishing to remove all the calculus. Then only I can proceed with the closing the gap treatment. She came back in a month time for me to review her upper teeth. She had no more pain except occasional sensitivity upon taking cold drinks and food. This was common and expected from a trauma teeth, I told her. She was relieved upon hearing that explanation. She allowed me to proceed with the scaling & polishing and also filling on her other carious teeth. As you can see from the right picture, the gap was more prominent once the calculus has been removed. Noticed how clean it looked after the cleaning was done.

It took me an hour to close the lower gap. The result? Taaadaaa !!!! Now you see, now you don’t ! 🙂 Was she happy? Definitely !! More like ecstatic to see her brand new smile.

Final look for Madam Nasirah.

So, you see, sometimes bad luck does turned out to be a good thing !

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