Closing the gap! :Dr.Debbie

Meet Mr.Adam. Young, dashing and recently just came back from Japan. He is fluent in Japanese and even had multiple dental treatments done while he was studying abroad. However, he is still troubled by the fact that there is spacing between his upper front teeth!

We discussed several different treatment options and Adam requested for composite veneer on his upper front teeth.This is the outcome less than 1 hr!

Mr Adam is really happy with the result and amazed that the gap between his upper teeth is now closed , like magic! Can you spot the difference? A small change/gap, but meant the world to him 🙂

In Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, we take our patient concerns seriously, and will offer the best treatment options cater to each individual. Do drop by and visit if you would like to have a brand new smile 🙂

:Dr.Debbie: (

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