Doctor, MY FILLING BROKE! -Dr. Damalis

Smiling in a social situation tells people that you are open and friendly. It makes you approachable and memorable. A great smile, on the other hand, can help boost self confidence and improve your social experiences.

Mr Fadzil fractured his upper front tooth when he was a kid and has gotten it filled years ago. However, his filling broke recently and and he is concerned about the appearance of his teeth now. Fortunately, he found us through Google reviews!

After the initial examination, I assured Mr Fadzil that the tooth can be easily repaired by a simple filling. He sure was relieved to hear that. We started off with a scaling as it has been some time since his last check up and proceeded with filling his upper tooth. It took us less than 20 minutes to fill that tooth up and the procedure was completely painless!

After polishing, I passed Mr Fadzil the mirror for him for him to have a look at the appearance of the tooth now and his immediate reply was, “PERFECT!”. We were both very satisfied with the final outcome of the filling.

Thank you for putting your trust in me and hope you enjoy your new smile Mr Fadzil!

-Dr. Damalis (

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