Saying goodbye to denture: Dr Nik

Wearing a denture to replace her front missing tooth had been part of my patient’s life for so many years. The denture had served her well but now she wanted or should I rather say, she’s ready for something that is fixed.

She knew about Fiber reinforced composite bridge (FRC bridge) from her friend who did his at our clinic. Fascinated by his new smile and the fact that very minimal tooth preparation involved, she called our clinic and came in for a check up and consultation.

During consultation, as usual, I mentioned and discussed about other options as well. She can opt for a porcelain bridge which last longer than FRC bridge or do an implant. Considering the fact that the later two involve more complex treatment, she chose her initial plan that is to do FRC bridge.

Missing front tooth
FRC bridge in place

The treatment was a one visit treatment and it took me almost two hours to complete it. She was very happy with the result and was happier with the fact that she no longer need to wear a denture now. enjoy your denture free smile and with raya just round the corner, I hope she’ll have a pleasantly different raya compared to the past years.

Selamat Hari Raya and stay safe!

Dr Nik (

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