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I must admit, out of all the cases and treatments I do in KPF, Invisalign and Orthodontics (Braces) are my most favourite of them all. Out of the many reasons why, I’ll be a listing a few that encourages me to do more:

  • It’s a confidence booster
  • The patient and I work together in reaching their goals
  • The end result is always aesthetically pleasing
  • Oral hygiene improves tremendously as visits to the dentist increases

Here’s a patient of mine, Mr. Abu. He wanted to resolve all the many rotations his teeth had and wanted a more balanced smile. I suggested Invisalign as that would get the best result in the fastest time! Once we took the necessary scans and impressions, we were good to go!

Before Invisalign.

Invisalign allows both the doctor and the patient to see how many aligners would be necessary to achieve the end result. His was only 26 aligners! Which means he would be done in less than a year!

26 aligners as indicated on the bottom right corner.

So after planning the number of visits he needed throughout his whole treatment (8 visits in total), we were set to start his Invisalign journey!

Here are some before and after pictures for you to witness his amazing transformation.

Before and After (Front View)
Before and After (Occlusal View)
Before and After (Side view)

And after 8 months of treatment, he had a new beautiful smile! Not only that, he was more aware of what he needed to do to keep his smile looking great and aligned (wearing his retainers), and he now regularly flosses and keeps an amazing oral hygiene regime!

Don’t be shy to consult me if you would need an opinion on Invisalign, braces or any other types of dental treatment at – Dr. Shanaz.

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