MCO Raya smile: Dr Nik

It was muslim festive season (Hari Raya Aidifitri) during MCO (movement control order) again. No balik kampung , no visiting and obviously no open houses for this year raya. However this neither mean that we didn’t do any preparation nor we didn’t celebrate raya. In this technology era, when people can’t meet physically ,they do meet virtually and for this patient of mine replacing her missing lower tooth before this virtual raya gathering was as important as having new dress for the celebration.

Meet my patient. She has a missing lower tooth and a very loose one beside the missing one. I advised her to remove or pull out the loose tooth first before doing any treatment since there’s no way that the tooth can be saved. She agreed to the extraction and opted to replace the missing teeth with FRC bridge.

Initial stage before FRC fabrication

This was her lower teeth condition directly after tooth extraction and with rubber dam in placed. Yes, you read it right….I fabricated the FRC bridge immediately after the extraction. We call this immediate FRC bridge. So, if you have a loose tooth and wanted same day replacement, you can opt for this type of FRC bridge.

Okay, back to my patient. After rubber dam application , I did the necessary steps of preparing the teeth for bonding of fibre glass strands as the main strength core, bonded the fibre to the prepared teeth and started to add composite to the fibre core, build it up and sculpt it layer by layer, shaping it into the shape of teeth. Next, I polished the teeth shaped build up until it shone to perfection.

FRC bridge in place

This is the immediate FRC bridge after 1.5 hours of work and before removal of the rubber dam.

And this is her smile after removal of the rubber dam. It does look natural and presentable, doesn’t it? Like all immediate FRC bridge cases, I scheduled her for a review appointment. This is an appointment where dentist needs to do adjustment to the FRC bridge near the extraction site due to bone shrinkage. This review appointment normally takes just around half an hour.

Having one or two missing teeth and ready for your FRC bridge treatment? Do call us and we will be happy to assist and help you!

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