Hello readers! Today’s blog will be a bit different from my usual blogs. I chose to write this because of what’s currently happening in our country. Yes.. if you guessed COVID -19, you’re absolutely right!!! I’m going to talk about the ongoing pandemic and what we can do to help to flatten the curve.

That was the number of cases yesterday. I somehow predict that the number will keep rising up and it will take longer time for us to see it drops to 3 or 2 digits unless we do our part correctly.

As we all know additional restrictions to tighten the standard operating procedures (SOPs) of the Movement Control Order (MCO) 3.0 has been implemented to reduce the movement of people and thus preventing a more serious spread of Covid-19. So, as a private dental clinic we comply to all the government’s rule in order to mitigate the risk of Covid -19.

Here are some additional measures and rules we added in our own clinic for the safety of our staff and of course our patients.

Only those with low risk and asymptomic casual contact are allowed in our premise.
  1. We advise our patients to check their status on their MySejahtera app before entering our premise.
  2. We record our daily staff health screening including temperature recording.
  3. We sanitize our front and waiting area every hour and our treatment room after each patient is done.
  4. We schedule our patients every 1 hour in order to reduce the number of waiting patients and also to allow us to sanitize properly.
  5. We strictly encourage patient to come alone for their treatment. However if the patient is a child , we advise only one parent ( mother or father) to accompany them.

We understand there are some of these new measures might cause inconveniences to you, but we are doing all this for the safety of everyone in the clinic. Also by doing this we hope to flatten the curve so we could go back to our normal lives.

Let’s do our part . Together we will flatten the curve and hopefully soon we will live our life with free of Covid-19 restrictions.

In the mean time, stay safe everyone.

Dr. Dini (

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