Miss Wirda came to see me requesting to redo her composite veneers that she did with another dentist. She wasn’t happy with the color of the veneers. She told me that it had a patchy white and brown spot even after second redo with the same dentist. She wanted to have a evenly white smile and hence that’s what brought her to see me.

To be honest this was a challenging case for me. To satisfy someone’s wish or dream is never easy. However I rose to the challenge. We set another date for the makeover since my appointment on that day was quite packed.

It took me 4 hours to complete the makeover. From placing the rubber dam to isolate each teeth, removing the old veneers and sculpting the new composite resin material.

Isolating each teeth ( in this case 8 teeth) using the rubber dam.

Isn’t that a more natural looking smile? Brighter and more sculpted natural look! So, can you guess her reaction once she looked herself in a mirror? If you guessed, she was happy.. You’re right!! The Right picture is a satisfied and happy smile from Wirda.

Guess how I was feeling after that 4 hours procedure? Grateful ?- YES. Blessed ?- YES. Happy ? – DEFINITELY. Another big plus of this case was that I felt proud of myself for overcoming my anxiety at beginning of the procedure and gave my best to ensure this patient of mine was fully satisfied.


Dr. Dini(

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