Mira’s Braces Journey – Dr. Shanaz

Mira has had braces before. But due to not wearing her retainers, most of her teeth moved back to the original position. Unfortunately, the only way to get her teeth in the proper positions again would be to go through braces. After thinking it through, Mira was determined to get her smile back.

This time, she made a promise to herself (and me!) that she would wear her retainers everyday after round 2 of braces was completed.

Mira’s teeth condition after 1st round of braces but not wearing retainers
Top view (occlusal view) of her teeth.

Unfortunately for Mira, she also has a high caries rate. Which tends to cause her to develop caries (cavities) on her teeth much easily compared to other people.

But with proper care (proper tooth brushing methods, flossing, mouthwashes) she can get her teeth back to pristine condition! But let’s see her transformation towards straighter and more aligned teeth first!

Notice the increased yellowing and stains around her teeth?
Her teeth look more or less aligned in just 6 months!

Mira however is a very compliant patient who comes regularly for her monthly reviews. This allows me to control the amount degradation and reduce her caries rate.

And in 18 months, she’s ready to get her braces removed! Though, notice the darker spots, we’ll do something about that later.

So after 18 months, we’ve got her teeth aligned, her smile even and we’ve got a wonderful even bite!

After removing her braces, I proceeded to clean her teeth, removed the caries (bacteria ridden tooth structure causing cavities) and filled them up and polished them to perfection. Once again, we reminded Mira to wear her retainers 24/7! This is crucial in retaining your teeth at a certain position to allow the bone around her teeth to properly solidify and strengthen to keep her teeth in a beautiful aligned position.

Immediately after removal of her braces, scaling, fillings and polishing!

Doesn’t she look great!

Always remember, braces is a journey. Not a quick solution. So own the journey, come for your reviews, maintain a good oral hygiene, and wear your retainers!! – Dr. Shanaz

Before and After

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