Long overdue treatment: Dr Nik

My patient has a porcelain crown on her upper left central tooth. It was done several years back at other clinic and the colour of the crown is slightly lighter than the rest of her teeth. It bothered her for so long and finally she’s here on my dental chair seeking for treatment to address her problem.

Note the lighter shade of upper left porcelain crown

Upon consultation and discussion, since she favoured the lighter shade of the crown, she opted to do composite veneers on her other teeth to match with the colour of the porcelain crown.

After spending 2.5 hours to do 5 composite veneers, this is how her teeth looks like now.

After veneer treatment

The colour of the teeth blends well with the crown and the crown didn’t stand out from the rest like before.

I’m so glad that we managed to fulfill her request and she was more than happy with the result.

Dr Nik (nik@drfauziah.com)

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