Timing is everything , don’t you think so? We can plan all sorts of thing but if the timing is not right, it just won’t happen. This is the case with my patient. Nas has been my patient for a number of years now. And he always talked about teeth whitening. How he really wanted to whiten his teeth, but due to his busy schedule we never get to fulfill his dream until 2 weeks ago.

” Lets do this Dini.” He said.( Nas is also a friend of mine, hence why we are very casual. ). “I can’t wait to get this done and see the result.” He excitedly added.

As you all know, the whole whitening treatment takes about 60 minute. Nas was very comfortable throughout the process. He even fell asleep during that process, :-).

So? Are you guys excited to see the result? Do you think Nas was happy with the outcome? Does his wish to have a bright white smile achieved?

Nas was super happy with his new look. Finally he got his dream smile !! Do you wish to have a brighter and whiter smile? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you to fulfill your wish!

Dr. Dini ( dini@drfauziah.com)

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