Invisalign as a Treatment Option (Part 1) – Dr. Shanaz

A patient of mine, named Lara was majorly concerned of her smile. She had a gap on her front teeth and the jutting out canine that made her smile looked really sharp! But she had a request, she wanted her smile corrected….. without braces. She couldn’t stand the sight of metal and would not want the clear version of braces either.

Thank god I had Invisalign in my arsenal!

So off I went to the full examination, took the impressions and pictures. After a thorough examination, I noticed that she had 2 retained milk teeth with no erupting permanent teeth as a replacement. My suggestion of using Invisalign was even more reinforced!

As Invisalign allows me to control the amount of forced applied on each individual tooth, I made sure that my design and plan of her treatment involved minimal or close to no force at all for her little milk teeth. With normal conventional braces, it was bound to have amount of force to her milk teeth and would probably end up with removal.

The biggest challenge with Lara’s teeth however, was her jutting out canine. Being one of the widest teeth and having the longest root, canines are tricky to deal with. Especially if aligning her teeth meant pulling down her canine into proper occlusion, it would be very tricky with just the use of the Invisalign plastic. But behold, the power of Invisalign compared to other aligner brands!

Lana is off to a good start, and she’s progressing well. It’s only been 5 months, but all her other teeth have aligned and I’m hoping the next time I review her, her canine would have aligned nicely into her arch, and I can start doing my finer tweaks and adjustments.

Make sure you keep an eye out on Part 2 of this blog series, as I’ll show more pictures and updates on Lara’s Invisalign journey. – Dr. Shanaz

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