Mr. Adrin came to see me last Saturday. At first, the appointment was scheduled for her daughter. Once I finished treated her daughter he asked me if I have some extra time for him to do a quick dental check up. Since my next patient had not arrived yet, I told him I can examined him and if he needed any treatment we can schedule it another day.

Mr. Adrin had a discolouration on his upper right anterior tooth. It is so obvious that made him uncomfortable to smile wide. He explained to me that he had done root canal treatment on that tooth years back and when the tooth chipped off early this year he couldn’t find time to fill it up again. I had 20 minutes before my next patient and I told him ,” Lets fix this before you leave the clinic.” He was very happy when he heard this.

The discoloration on Mr. Adrin’s upper anterior tooth.

True to my promise, I managed to fix Mr. Adrin’s tooth in 20 minutes. His first reaction when he saw his reflection in a mirror was, ” Wow!”. ” This is good, doctor.” He added. I smiled and thanked him for the compliment.

No more discoloration. 🙂

Well, if you know anyone who needs a quick fix, you know what to do! 🙂 Do contact us at our social media account or you can call us at 03- 95201591/ 1590.

Till then, stay safe lovely people.

Dr. Dini

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