What do you see from the above photo? If you say crooked lower teeth , you are right. If you say, the height of the lower teeth are uneven , you’re also right. If you say, the left lower incisor (front tooth) is slightly whiter than the rest of the lower teeth, you’re right too!

This patient of mine had a recurring swelling on his lower incisor crown. The tooth had been root treated years ago. I’ve been advising him to redo the root canal treatment, so he won’t have to suffer from the infection multiple times. Due to his busy schedule, he kept postponing the treatment and when he came to see me 3 weeks ago, he made up his mind to extract the tooth out . He requested for an immediate Fiber Reinforced Bridge to replace the missing tooth.

Rubber dam placement after the extraction of the crown to isolate the teeth.

It took me about 2 hours to complete the treatment. From the extraction of the crown, putting the rubber dam on and building and sculpting the Fiber reinforced composite bridge using composite resin material to replace the extracted crown. I promised this gentleman a straighter arrangement for his lower teeth. The colour would soon normalise with the other teeth and adjustments would be made to ensure it matches well!

As promised, a straighter arrangement of his lower teeth for this gentleman. Was he happy? Definitely ! Another day, another happy patient. As the saying goes, true happiness comes by making others happy. I definitely love to spread happiness to other people.

Dr. Dini (

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