Replacing the Shaky Tooth – Dr. Shanaz

Miss Roz came to see me regarding her shaky front tooth. It’s been shaky for a very very long time, and she’s been putting off getting treatment for it because she was afraid of the answer I might give her. And true enough, I did recommend her to remove the tooth. But I also told her, she wouldn’t need to wait for a replacement of her tooth. She could have it right now!

I offered to replace her very loose tooth with a fibre reinforced bridge, using the same tooth itself after extracting and cleaning it of course.

So once the extraction was done, I quickly managed the bleeding, kept the area clean and isolated it properly. Once the tooth was cleaned and reshaped, I placed the fibre threads around her other teeth and bonded the extracted tooth at the exact same place. The beauty of a fibre reinforced bridge is that it helps in multiple areas of treatment:

  1. Replaces a missing tooth
  2. Strengthens and stabilises the other shaky teeth
  3. Has minimum preparation of other teeth to hold and support the bridge
  4. Quick, easy and can be done in one treatment session.

Some finer adjustments were made so that the spaces and gaps were filled to allow proper bonding of the bridge to the adjacent teeth. And after giving Miss Roz all the necessary post-operative care instructions, she was good to go!

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