Chipped Tooth?! No Worry! – Dr Gwen Gan

Having problem with a chipped tooth?

No worry! I got you covered!

When Accident Happens!

Eva had an accident!

She accidentally bang onto the glass wall at her boyfriend’s house, and part of her upper central incisor broke!

How embarassed was it!

Nobody would like that to happen, especially in front of your mother in law! >.<

The fortunate part of the unfortunate event was that the mother in law has a dentist friend and she quickly texted the dentist to arrange for a fixing up.

The next morning, before anyone realised it. Eva had got it fixed.

Lesson Learnt?

Lesson from the accident : Have a dentist friend or have a mother in law who has a dentist friend. XD

Thank you and have a good weekend!


Dr Gwen Gan

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