Correcting the “Little Tooth”!: DR DAMALIS

Madam Giang and Mr Collier have been regular patients of ours. However, they will be relocating to the United States and therefore Madam Giang requested for a smile makeover before they leave Malaysia.

She wanted whiter teeth and to have her “little tooth” (known as a peg-shaped tooth) corrected. After discussing the treatment plan, she decided to proceed with whitening and composite veneers to improve her smile.

Before whitening
Immediately after whitening

We started off with a scaling, followed by Zoom! whitening which took approximately 90 minutes in total. It was a comfortable procedure and the outcome? The shade of her teeth improved by 12 shades (from C4 to B2)! Madam Giang was very happy with the result!

Immediately after whitening

We then scheduled another appointment for Madam Giang for composite veneers. This is crucial as it ensures that her teeth are rehydrated prior to the procedure.

In the next visit, it took us about two hours to have the composite veneers done. It was a pain free procedure and after polishing, I passed Madam Giang a mirror so that she can have a look at her new smile. She was overjoyed as the “little tooth” has been corrected and her smile is more symmetrical now.

Side view : 4 days after whitening, before composite veneers, “little tooth” (peg-shaped tooth) noted
Front view : 4 days after whitening, before composite veneers, “little tooth” (peg-shaped tooth) and small gap between front teeth noted
Side view : after whitening and composite veneers
Front view : after whitening and composite veneers, a more symmetrical smile and gap closure done

I’m glad we managed to fulfil her request before she embarks on a new journey. Hope you enjoy your new smile Madam Giang. Have a safe journey back to the United States!

Us with Mr Collier, Madam Giang and Ms Bang Tam 🙂

If you too have a “little tooth” or peg-shaped tooth and would like to get it corrected, do give us a call at 03-95201595! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Dr. Damalis (

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