If you guess this blog is about whitening just by reading the title, you’re right. The non complicated and painless treatment to whiten your teeth in just one visit.

Marissa came to see me last week for her routine dental check up and she requested whitening treatment as well. Her wedding was over last weekend and of course every bride’s dream is to have a perfectly white teeth and a beautiful bright smile to flaunt on their special day!

Marissa’s actual teeth shade after the scaling treatment.

The process was a smooth one for Marissa. I started off with the routine scaling and polishing treatment. Once I finished with the treatment, I then took the shade of her teeth prior the whitening process. I explained the whole procedure to Marissa and she understood it very well.

We use Zoom! whitening from Philips.

After 1.5 hours, I revealed the new shades of her teeth. She was ecstatic to see her new smile. Pain ? Not according to Marissa. A perfect white and bright smile for a beautiful bride.

Before we bade our goodbyes, I wished Marissa all the happiness this life can offer her and a blessed beautiful ceremony on her special day.

Dr. Dini ( dini@drfauziah.com)

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