Why the 3rd molar is called the wisdom tooth? :DR.DEBBIE

      Well, the 3rd molar is commonly known as wisdom tooth as they usually appear between age 18 to 29 , when a person matures into adulthood !

     Generally everyone has 2 upper & 2 lower 3rd molars . A 3rd molar is usually extracted when it is decayed, causing repetitive gum inflammation , food impaction between 2nd and 3rd molar leading to caries on its adjacent tooth. 

     Miss Kai is a very compliant patient who came to me for her annual dental checkup and scaling. Upon examination, her lower right and left 3rd molars have erupted partially and inclined horizontally to the 2nd molars. In fact, there were signs of decay on her 3nd molars! She was keen to remove her 3rd molars via minor oral surgery (MOS). 

    Thankully in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, we provide Cone-beam computed tomography system (CBCT) x-rays and further examination of the tooth can be done. We proceeded with minor oral surgery for the removal of the right wisdom tooth right after that. 

    Local Anesthesia was given and the right wisdom tooth was sectioned & removed. Medicament was placed and the MOS site was sutured. Miss Kai did not feel any pain during the whole procedure and it was done within 1.5 hours. Medications were given to Miss Kai and sutures removal were done 1 week after that. 

    Miss Kai followed my instructions diligently to prevent any post-operative pain and swelling such as :

  1. Complete the medications given
  2. Avoid hot and spicy foods
  3. Soft diet 
  4. Abstain from smoking /vape 
  5. Cold compression the first few day post surgery 

During her review & sutures removal  appointment, she was happy that she did not experience any pain and only minimal swelling post surgery. She can’t wait to remove her left 3rd molar next! 

Do visit us at Klinik Pergigian Fauziah for further consultation if you would like to remove your 3rd molar as well. See you soon!

-Dr.Debbie-( debbie@drfauziah.com )

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