Who wouldn’t want a beautiful bright smile? I believe , everyone does. The first step would be to visit your nearest dentist and have a check up. ;-). From there, the dentist will lay out and plan all the treatment needed for you to have your beautiful smile.

This was what Mr. T did. He came to see me for a dental check up after years of not having one! After the initial examination, I told him the good news that he doesn’t have any major treatment to do except for scaling and polishing since his calculus accumulation was heavy. He was relief to hear that. He was expecting worst.

This was Mr. T’s teeth before I did the scaling & polishing. Notice the heavy accumulation of calculus on his lower teeth.
What a major different after the scaling & polishing treatment. Whiter and healthier looking teeth in 30 minutes.

Once I completed the scaling procedure, I asked him if he wanted to close the gap on the upper teeth and also to make the upper teeth well aligned. He nodded and inquired more about the treatment options. I proposed to him the least invasive treatment which is composite veneers. He gave me the green light to proceed.

2 unit composite veneers on his right and left lateral incisors and composite resin filling to close the midline distema.

In less than 90 minutes, Mr. T got his perfect 10 smile ! Would you like to have one? Contact us or drop me an email and I’ll gladly assist you to achieve your dream smile.

Dr. Dini (

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