Saving Premolar : Dr. Dini

What would you do if your tooth is like this when you wake up in the morning? Would you freak out? Would you cry your heart out? What’s the first thing on your mind? Would you call your dentist first thing in the morning or would you just leave it be?

Mr. A had a surprised (not in a good way) when he woke up last weekend. His tooth (premolar) broke and obviously he panicked. He wanted to call us immediately but it was Sunday and he remembered we close on Sunday. Fortunately he had no plans on that day and he felt relief. He then called us for an appointment first thing on Monday morning.

Upon seeing me, his first question was, ” What’s my treatment options doctor?” After examined him, I pull out my E&D (examination and diagnosis) sheet and I jotted down all the treatment options that suited him. I explained thoroughly each of the treatment options. Among them were :

  1. Extracting the tooth out and do an immediate bridge
  2. Restoring the tooth with a composite resin and add 1 pin as an anchor.
  3. Extracting the tooth out and do a denture first then later think about an implant or bridge.

He chose the 2nd options for now. He knew it may break again in future but he wasn’t ready for any extraction. I respected his wish and proceeded with the treatment.

1 hour later, I managed to restore Mr. A’s premolar.

So, If you happen to experience this kind of unfortunate event, fret not. Do call us and we will be glad to assist you in making the appointment.

Dr. Dini (

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