A Single Tooth Whitening with Internal Bleaching – Dr. Gwen Gan

If you have a grey, extremely yellow or black tooth in your front tooth, it definitely affects your smile.

You want to look for a solution but you are not sure how.

Here is the good news: It can be solved very easily.

Most of the single discolored tooth is caused by a tooth that had died.

If you haven’t done a root canal treatment, then the treatment required is : Root Canal Treatment + Internal Bleaching

If you have done a root canal treatment, then the treatment required is : Internal Bleaching

Internel bleaching is a simple procedure to treat intrinsic discoloration (discoloration due to problem inside the tooth).

The chemical agent that involved is normally Hydrogen Peroxide or Sodium Perborate.

Depending on the discoloration, this procedure is very economic, quick, simple, non-invasive and requires about 2-3 visits to the dental clinic. There is no pain or discomfort involved and the result is very satisfying.

So wait no more if you long for a beautiful smile, call us at 03-6206 3068 to make an appointment; or email me at ganshouwan@drfauziah.com if you wish to know more about this case.

Thank you.


Dr Gwen Gan

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