Brighten up your teeth with Zoom! – Dr. Shanaz

Amy has a particular condition called Fluorosis. It is type of condition that can be seen throughout your teeth which makes it spotty, whitish or streaky. Fluorosis is usually caused due to ingestion or consumption of high fluoride food/drinks (usually toothpaste) when at the formative age of the permanent teeth (first 8 years of life).

Nonetheless, fluorosis such as Amy’s case doesn’t bring in any problems with the strength of her teeth other than the cosmetic appearance. And in fact, it actually makes your teeth look brighter. But the inconsistency of the colours can be slightly annoying, and there are treatments to go at that.

Amy has been wanting brighter and whiter teeth and she notices that some parts of her teeth are seen as too yellow and dull compared to the whitish fluorosis areas. Thus, Zoom! Whitening was a preferred choice to brighten up her smile and possibly make it slightly more uniform!

You can see the white streaks of the fluorosis on her teeth. The shade was based on the base colour of her teeth.

So after an hour and 4 sessions of Zoom! Whitening, I handed her the mirror to to check out her bright new smile. I warned her that the white streaks might be slightly more striking as it also will be affected by the whitening treatment. But give it some time, and it’ll even out nicely. She was more than pleased with her smile! It was exactly what she wanted.

After giving her the post whitening instructions such as staying away from coloured food and drinks for at least the first few days, she was off to flash her new smile at her friends and family! – Dr. Shanaz

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