Liza gets a new Makeover! – Dr. Dini

Liza has been my patient since 2012. She first came to see me for general dental check up. At that time, she admitted she was afraid of dentist hence she neglected her oral hygiene. Since she had her engagement ceremony that year, she wanted to look good for her big day.

I did few dental work for her. Few fillings on upper and lower teeth , few extraction of her decayed teeth and also an upper denture to replace her missing teeth. She had been wearing the denture since I first made for her. It has been 9 years now.

Recently she came to see me requesting another alternative to replace her denture. I laid out few treatment options.

  1. To do bridge on the upper right and left side.
  2. To do bridge on the upper right side and side partial denture on the left side.

Liza chose the 2nd option since her budget was a bit tight. I understand her situation and we booked an appointment for her treatment. Once I completed the bridge treatment, we realized that the shade for her right central incisor was too dark compared the the rest of her teeth. I also noticed there was caries on her left lateral incisor. I advised her to do composite veneers on both teeth and she agreed.

Notice the caries on the left lateral incisor and the darker shade of 11.
1 hour later.

Liza was happy to see her new smile once she saw her own reflection in the mirror. She couldn’t stop smiling. If I were her too, I couldn’t stop flashing my beautiful bright smile! Bye bye dark tooth and the black spot !!!

Don’t hesitate to drop me an email or contact our clinic to book your appointment if you have similar problems. We will be happy assisting you in achieving your dream smile.

Dr. Dini (

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