How important is it to get your dental check-up done annually ? :Dr.Debbie

  Do you remember when was your last dental check-up ? generally, everyone is slightly afraid of the dentists and will visit the dental clinic only when he/she is experiencing pain or discomfort. But do you know , besides treating your teeth and gum, dentists will carry out full mouth examination & oral screening as well?

         Mr.B who came to our clinic and requested a new set of dentures as his old ones are not fitting well anymore. He has worn his old dentures for the past 12 years! He also told me that he has multiple fractured teeth and would like to have dental extractions to be done before fabrication of new dentures.

    During routine dental examination, I discovered  bluish-purple swelling on his left cheek approximately 2cm x 2cm in size. Mr. B informed me that he noticed the swelling present since he was a young boy but it does not cause any pain or discomfort. Hence, he pays no attention to it. 

     Intra-oral lesions can be benign or malignant and should not be ignored. Therefore, I explained to Mr.B regarding his condition and referred him to hospital for further investigation and assessment before proceeding with subsequent dental treatments. 

   So, remember to pay your dentist a visit to get your check-up done annually to make sure you’re dentally fit! Prevention is better than cure 🙂 see you soon in KPF!

-Dr.Debbie- ( )

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