A Case of Dental Bridge – Dr Gwen Gan

A beautiful smile is the most important outfit that one can invest in.

A baby who smiles without teeth means cute ; but a lady who smiles without teeth immediately makes her look awkward.

The case that I am sharing today is a case which the lady had missing four front teeth and two broken down canine teeth.

Obviously, it made her felt so insecure and uncomfortable.

And, if you look carefully at her jaw, it looks very flat and it did not have the nice arch form.

To make sure that her smile looks natural, we had to carefully design her bridge to camoflauge the imperfect jaw shape.

This is the condition before I did bridge for her. Look at the flat and straight jaw between the two canines.

We created a nice arch shape for her to have a beautiful smile!

Nicely crafted smile for her =)

The final result is very pleasant and I am glad that she has no worry to showing her smile from now on. =)

Should you feel insecure with your smile or you need a helping hand, do reach to me at ganshouwan@drfauziah.com or call me at 03-6206 3068 to make an appointment.

Thank you.


Dr Gwen Gan

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