Are Dental Filling Safe For Toddlers? – Dr Gwen Gan

Yes, it is.

Dental filling is a two steps procedure:

  1. Removal of infection within the tooth
  2. Replacing the cavity with filling material

These two steps stop infection from spreading in the mouth.

In fact, ignoring the infection could lead to serious infection outside the mouth.

Hence, whenever there is a dental cavity, the dentist always adviced for filling, even for just a baby teeth.

There are two popular choice of dental filling material for kids:

  1. Glass Ionomer Cement
  2. Composite

Depending on the location of the cavity, as well as how cooperative is the kid, the dentist will choose a suitable filling material for the kid.

Both of the abovementioned materials are safe in the mouth for filling in young kids.

A 4-year-old presented with cavity on his baby upper right central incisor.
In his case, I restored the tooth with composite filling material. Patient is very cooperative as he is a regular patient of mine. It will be more esthetic and more long lasting in such a case.

In conclusion, dental filling in toddlers are safe. Ignoring the infection may lead to other complication.

Hence, it is wiser to start bringing young kids for dental check up regularly and fix the problem if necessary.

Should you have any inquiry about filling in young kids, feel free to write to me at or call me and book an appointment at 03-6206 3068.

Thank you and have a good day!


Dr Gwen Gan

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