I’m shy to Smile – Dr. Shanaz

Aiden always thought that his smile wasn’t good enough. So he rarely smiles. When I asked him to smile, I found out that one of his teeth was shorter than the other. This usually happens when a filling was done a long time ago, and the filling chips off. It was a no brainer type of case!

I told Aiden, just give me 30-45mins, and I’ll get you smiling with confidence once again! All it took was a non-prep veneer on the shorter tooth and a little bit of polishing on the next tooth to get him to look his best!

Shade matching a single veneer can be the most difficult task. I think I did a pretty good job. Don’t you? :p

Once I handed him the mirror, Aiden’s first word was.. “WOW!”. It took a little over 30mins, but it would mean a lifetime to him as he could now be a bit more confident with his smile.

If you have a similar problem, or know anyone that has the same issue, do come and see us. Let us work our magic! – Dr. Shanaz

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