A quick dental visit to fix your front tooth : Dr.Debbie

Do you have any fillings done on your front teeth ? Have you experienced dislodged tooth coloured filling before while you eat ? Even though we are wearing masks most of the time nowadays , it must be very frustrating and unhappy when that happens.

The exact scenario happened to Mr.Ahmad, who noticed the upper tooth coloured filling had dislodged while he was having his lunch! He has another meeting right after that and is in need of a quick fix before he returns to his workplace

After a quick examination and consultation, I’ve informed Mr.Ahmad that I can fix his upper front tooth before he needs to go for his meeting, but he will need to visit KPF again to replace other discolored fillings and to fill other carious teeth.

After 30 minutes, this is how it looks! before and after!

Mr.Ahmad was very satisfied and happy with the outcome and vowed to return to get the adjacent fillings replaced. I am happy that I was able to help him to get back his smile and confidence right before an important meeting!

Remember to get your dental check-up done so we can do the needful 🙂 see you soon!

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