Natural looking Fiber reinforced composite bridge: Dr Nik

White and straight alignment of teeth has always been the perception of a perfect teeth. However, imperfection might be a perfection for some people. This principal is what this patient’s hold and he requested me to duplicate the condition of his adjacent teeth when I did his Fiber reinforced composite bridge(FRC bridge) to replace his missing front tooth.

He has darker shade teeth with patches of faint white spots.

To duplicate these, I chose composite resin colour that is nearest to his teeth shades and do some composite staining to adjust the shades and some white tint colour to create the faint white spot.

The procedure took almost 2 hours and this is how the FRC bridge looked like after the treatment.

It is perfection of imperfection as requested by patient.

Modern dentistry has a lot to offer, so don’t hesitate to voice out your concerns and needs. We will try our best to accommodate them.

Dr Nik (

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