Fatin’s New Smile : Dr. Dini

Frequent question asked by our patients is : Can we do whitening after we do veneers? The answer would be YES! However we have to change the veneers in order to match the new shade of the teeth.

This is the case of my patient Fatin. Fatin did her composite veneers with other dentist years ago and when she saw me last week, she wanted a whiter teeth. I laid out few treatment options including Zoom! Whitening treatment and changing the old composite veneers with a whiter shade. She chose to do the whitening treatment, hence she knows that she has to change her old composite veneers.

Fatin’s teeth when she first came to see me.

We then, set new appointment for her whitening treatment. The session took more than 2 hours because I had to do some fillings first on her decayed teeth and I also had to do cleaning ( scaling& polishing) for her. This is necessary before we start any whitening treatment.

Next step was to change the veneers. We saw each other again 2 days after the whitening treatment. I was happy to see her because the whitening process has stabilized and I can choose the exact shade of composite material for her new veneers.

Rubber dam was placed to isolate the 4 teeth.

Once the rubber dam was placed in, I removed the old veneers and it took me 1.5 hours to place new composite resin and sculpted it to shape like a natural teeth.

So, this is how she looks like after the composite veneers treatment. It does look whiter and brighter right? She was soooo happy with the result and thanked me profusely. I’ll be seeing her again for other filling that I need to do before she goes back to Sarawak and meanwhile hope she enjoys her new enhanced smile.

Dr. Dini ( dini@drfauziah.com)

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