Single tooth whitening: Dr Nik

Single internal tooth whitening or bleaching is a whitening procedure that is performed on a dark coloured teeth that had been through root canal treatment.

Patients that had their tooth root treated will realized that after some period of time, their tooth will start to have colour changes. The tooth will appear darker compared to the rest of the teeth.

To whiten the tooth, whitening gel is applied inside the tooth and will be left there for a couple of days . It is a painless procedure and patient can actually see result as early as 24 hours.

Once the desired result is achieved, the whitening gel will be removed from the tooth. Below is before and after photos of my most recent internal whitening case.

The difference is huge right ? and of course the patient was ecstatic with the result.

If you have similar problem, do come and have a check up with us. Internal whitening treatment is probably what you need to have that beautiful white smile.

Dr Nik (

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