Braces transformation – Dr. Shanaz

A lot of people know about braces and what it can do to your smile. Arif here wanted to fix his “underbite” issue, and he knew the best possible treatment was braces. And he was right!

However the transformation of his smile doesn’t happen in one visit or over night, unlike other treatments in dentistry. Braces is a journey and requires time as we need to move the teeth slowly into place to ensure it’ll stay that way once braces is removed (also the retainer helps a lot!).

Notice the improvement of his bite and smile after braces? It took roughly 1 year and 6 months to complete his treatment. Both patient and doctor work hand in hand with the process, and it has been a pleasure to be treating Arif, especially because he always comes for his appointments and his teeth are always so clean!! – Dr. Shanaz

Before and After
No more underbite!
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