Fastest and easiest way to fix dental gap: Dr Nik

Dental gap is a space between teeth. Many people are born with gaps between their teeth, particularly the front two teeth. These gaps or in dental term, diastema can easily be fixed if the space is not too wide.

So, how easy and fast can the gaps be filled or closed? It’s easy and as fast as 30 minutes per gap. The procedure is painless. It is by adding and sculpting composite resin material to the surfaces of involved teeth.

This is before and after photos of my recent case. As you can see, she has a dental gap in between her upper central teeth. To close this gap, I added composite resin material on each side of the teeth and shape or sculpt the resin to make it look natural. It took me 30 minutes to close this gap.

Now, that’s fast right. If you or someone you know has a dental gap and are thinking of ways to close the gaps, do come in and see us. We’ll tell you whether this treatment is suitable or not for you.

Dr Nik (

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