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Puan Aisyah came to us one day and said that she didn’t like the small gap in between her front teeth. Whenever she eats anything fibrous like lamb or vegetables, they usually get stuck and she has to quickly clean it out. It’s such a hassle whenever she’s out for a meal with friends!

Before this, she did not seek for treatment because she thought she would have to wear braces. Being over 30 years old, she was not keen on having metal braces in her mouth.

On examining her dental condition, thankfully the gap was not that big. She would have definitely benefited from braces as her lateral incisors (2nd tooth from center) was also flared out, but that was not a concern to her. Overall, she had a good biting pattern as all her back teeth were touching evenly when she bites.

In cases where we have small gaps with a good bite pattern, there are a few treatment options to consider:

BracesBest Option
– no need for drilling healthy teeth
– can resolve positions of all teeth simultaneously
– long lasting as long as patient wears their retainers
– invisible with clear aligners
x longer treatment time
x higher cost compared to 2-unit crowns/veneers
Fillings to Close Gaps2nd Best Option
– instant results
– cheaper than braces
x not suitable for every case
x may chip off / stain, requiring replacement eventually
x might need to slightly trim teeth
x can only resolve the teeth to be filled
Crowns / Veneers– instant results
– cheaper than braces
– mimics natural teeth well
– longer lasting than fillings
x more costly than fillings
x need to trim teeth to make space for crowns / veneers
x can only resolve the teeth to be crowned / veneered

I explained the options to Puan Aisyah and she was very lucky as she was suitable to get simple fillings done to solve her issue. We did not even have to shave her teeth as there was no cavities present and the space between her front teeth was sufficient.

After only 30 minutes, Puan Aisyah’s new smile was ready!

All we had to do was

  • put on an etchant to roughen the surface of her teeth so that the filling will stick
  • place a bit of filling material in between her front tooth
  • shape it well so it would look natural and so she would still be able to floss

Now Puan Aisyah does not have to worry about food being stuck in between her front teeth anymore!

Everyone’s dental condition and concerns are different.

Many different treatments can solve your problem, but it is important that we choose the one that is best for you.

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