Getting his dream smile: Dr Nik

Being so busy with his daily work and routines are the main reasons why he kept postponing getting his teeth done. He had been planning to get something done to improve his smile but somehow couldn’t break away from his daily routines.

Finally, realising that he has been postponing it for so long , he made it a point to block time for his dental treatment and made an appointment with me.

It’s been years since I last saw him and upon check up, he has few treatments that need to be done. He needed scaling, few fillings and whitening treatment (he asked for a whitening treatment to lighten the shade of his teeth). He requested me to complete all treatment in 2 visits if possible.

I did scaling and few fillings on this visit and scheduled him another visit to do whitening and cosmetic fillings for his upper front teeth that has brown discolourations.

At the end of treatment on the second visit, he finally saw his new enhanced smile for the first time. His reaction?…Priceless…he was beaming happily looking at his reflection in the mirror.

Well, this is his before and after treatment photos. He would obviously be ecstatic right? If you’re having same problem and been thinking of improving your smile too, don’t hesitate to call us. We will be happy to assist you.

Dr Nik (

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