Another case of fiber reinforced composite(FRC) bridge: Dr Nik

It’s another FRC bridge day.

This time, my patient had a missing upper left center tooth. Of course few treatment options were given to her and she chose to do FRC bridge.

I started of with cleaning of teeth involved and isolating the area with rubber dam (black rubber sheet as shown in photo below)

FRC bridge treatment involves putting in or bonding up a fiber glass strand or strip that runs from one adjacent tooth across the missing area to the next adjacent tooth. This fiber glass strand is the one that will provide strength to the bridge composite build up.

Once the fiber strand is bonded and secured on the adjacent teeth surfaces, composite resin is added onto the fiber strand across the missing tooth area. The composite resin placed totally cover and embedded the fiber strand. More composite resin was added on and sculpted to shape like a center tooth.

Final part of the treatment was to polish the FRC bridge. Polishing was carried out to get a smooth and shiny surface. The smooth surface will make sure that food and plaque will not easily stuck and this will make it easier to keep the area clean.

These are photos of completed FRC bridge.

It is a one visit treatment and it normally takes around 2 hours to complete. If you need a fast and affordable way to replace a missing tooth, do consider doing FRC bridge. We will be happy to help you.

Dr Nik (

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