Oral Hygiene and It’s Importance – Dr. Shanaz

Everyone knows we should be visiting our dentists twice a year. It’s something we’ve been taught of since we were in primary school! This rule applies to everyone, even dentists. But there’s a reason why we encourage our patients to come back every 6 months. The main reason is:

  1. Plaque build up
  2. Calculus formation (hardened plaque)
  3. Food, drink and nicotine stains.

The picture above shows a combination of all of the things we have to remove to allow your teeth and gums to be healthy! Issues with a heavy amount of calculus and plaque build up can resort to cavities, gum recession, bad breath, loose and shaky teeth and infections!

Scaling and polishing is the simplest treatment needed to get your teeth and gums to optimal health. Maintaining optimal oral hygiene includes brushing your teeth properly twice daily, flossing and thorough cleaning of your tongue.

You can see above here the difference between the left side of the mouth that has not been cleaned by Scaling and Polishing compared to the right side of the mouth which has been cleaned.

Remember, optimal oral hygiene starts with you! So don’t delay that visit to your dentist, because you’ll want to have a good set of dentition to last your whole life! – Dr. Shanaz

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