Replacing dislodged old composite fillings: Dr Nik

It has been so many years since I last saw this patient of mine and he told me that his front fillings had came off for quite some time. He was unwell, hence the absence and now that he’s better he came to get the fillings replace.

It was his two center front teeth fillings that came off and one filing on the right side was loose due to new cavity forming at the margin of the filling. This is the photo after I’ve removed the loose filling.

I further cleaned up the cavities and did new composite fillings. It took me almost one hour to complete the procedure and this was how it looks like after the new fillings was placed.

He still has few more cavities to be filled and was given an appointment date to come and get the rest it done.

Dislodged fillings is not the only reason why you need to replace your old fillings. You can also replace discoloured old composite fillings if you have any and get that confidence to smile wide again.

Need to change your old fillings? Call us and book yourself an appointment. Looking forward to see you soon!

Dr Nik (

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