Replacing missing teeth with a bridge: Dr Nik

It is advisable to replace missing tooth or teeth in order to prevent serious dental issues in future, while preserving oral functioning and improving your smile.

Apart from denture which is the most popular solution in replacing missing tooth or teeth, there’s also a bridge or implant. While a denture is a removable prosthesis, both bridge and implant are fixed prosthesis.

Today I’m going to share a recent case where I did a bridge on my patient to replace her two misssing teeth. There’s few types of bridges and I did a porcelain fused to metal bridge for this patient.

A bridge is a prosthesis to replace missing teeth where we will use the adjacent teeth next to missing teeth as the anchor for the prosthesis. These two adjacent teeth will need to be trimmed or cut into a smaller version of the teeth as shown in picture below of my recent case.

Two adjacent teeth trimmed into smaller size

The space created by trimming or cutting the teeth will allow us to fabricate caps or crowns on these two teeth and they will be joined or fused together with the ones build to replace the missing teeth. Examples is like pictures below.

The bridge will then be fitted and cemented to the adjacent teeth after fitting check up and bite adjustment done if needed. Below is the picture of my recent case after cementing the bridge.

Porcelain fused to metal bridge after cementation.

Patient was given oral hygiene instructions on how to keep the bridge clean and is advised to come for regular check ups to make sure that the bridge can last long.

Need to replace your missing teeth with bridge?…or thinking of upgrading your present denture with a bridge? Come and visit us, we are ready to help you!

Dr Nik (

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