Gaining back the confidence with FRC bridge: Dr Nik

We can’t deny that teeth plays an important role in ones’ confidence. Having a straight align teeth will give us confidence to freely smile, talk and meet up with other people. This is the reason why this patient came to see me last week.

He had been consciously avoiding smiling wide as one of his front tooth has drifted out of alignment. Upon checking, the mentioned tooth was loose and has drifted far forward out of alignment. The adjacent teeth are firm and not affected.

Drifted upper front left center tooth

He requested for a fixed solution and I suggested immediate FRC bridge where I will extract the tooth out and replace it directly after removing it out. He agreed to the treatment plan and I proceeded with it.

FRC bridge in place. Note that the left center tooth is now in alignment with adjacent teeth.

This is how his teeth looks like after 2 hours of treatment. It was a huge improvement in the position of the tooth and this created a more natural and pleasant looking smile. He profusely thanked me and promised to come back for a review after 2 months.

I’m happy that I’ve help him in gaining back his confidence to smile freely and looking forward to see him in 2 months time for his review.

Dr Nik Roslin (

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