Crafting a Beautiful Smile with Dr Shamir!

Puan M had come to us one day and said that she did not like the dark discoloration on her front tooth. Whenever she smiles in the mirror, she can see it and it started bringing down her confidence to smile.

Before this, she had done a root canal treatment on the tooth and the tooth had no caused her any problems nor changed in color. However, as the years progressed, she noticed that her tooth was getting darker and darker.

On examining her dental condition, I had noticed the dark discolouration on her front tooth, but I had also noticed some white spots on her adjacent teeth. I asked her about it and she had explained that she has had the discolouration for a while but did not know if she could do anything about it.

After I explained the different options she could do, Puan M had opt for direct composite veneers as it was fast and cheaper than the other options and after only 90 minutes, we had completely transformed her smile.

Now Puan M no longer worries about the appearance of her teeth and has restored her confidence to smile! Book an appointment now and restore YOUR beautiful smile!

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