A Brighter & Whiter Smile!

Mr A came to our clinic looking for treatment options to brighten his look whenever he smiles. Although he had no problems with his teeth, he wanted to make them look even nicer!

After careful explanation of all the different treatment options he could do to improve his aesthetics, he finally decided on Zoom! Whitening as it could be done in a single visit and does not require reducing any of his natural teeth.

We started off with regular scaling and polishing to clean out his teeth of any calculus hanging on to his teeth. Once that was complete and his teeth were clean, we proceeded with the whitening! After only four 15-minute cycles, his whitening was completed, and his teeth had become 3 shades lighter! Mr A was very happy with the end-result of his teeth, especially considering that it only took less than 90 minutes total and left our clinic smiling from ear-to-ear!

Case done by Dr Shamir at KPF Centara!

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