Whitening for the Groom – Dr. Shanaz

Jay was going to get married in 3 weeks time. And as any groom, he’d like to look the best he can for his big day. Whiter teeth was on his mind as he thought his tooth has gotten yellower over the years because of frequent coffee and tea.

Zoom! In-Office Whitening was a suitable choice for Jay as it gives a predictable result post whitening. After going through the post-operative care of his teeth after whitening, we were set to go! I explained to him that it would be great if he can come back a week after his whitening treatment to fix that chipped tooth. It’s always best to allow the whitening effect to settle properly before proceeding with a new filling as the colour might vary slightly.

Before Whitening
Setting up whitening and shade selection

Whitening however can cause sensitivity during the procedure, and Jay only managed to go through 2 of the total 4 cycles that Zoom! Whitening offers. Nonetheless, his teeth were whitened! And now he’s a happy groom to be with a dazzling new white smile!

Post Whitening

All that’s left was to do up his chipped tooth, and he’ll be picture perfect for his big day! – Dr. Shanaz

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