Finally, her makeover with Fiber reinforced composite bridge: Dr Nik

Three months ago…she has two missing lower front teeth and the plan was to replace it with a fiber reinforced composite bridge (FRC bridge). Appointment was made but unfortunately something came up and she failed to attend the appointment.

Two more failed appointments followed before finally she was able to make it.

She was excited to get both her missing teeth replaced and she got them replaced after spending around 2 hours on my dental chair.

This is how her lower teeth look like with the two missing teeth before FRC bridge procedure.

This lower photo shows what it look like during the procedure. The two missing teeth was replaced by using fiber glass strand core than was bonded across the two adjacent teeth next to missing teeth area and composite resin were added layer by layer and sculpted to form the shape of correspond teeth.

In the midst of fabricating FRC bridge.

And this is how her FRC bridge looks like after final polishing.

Yes, finally after 3 months from initial plan, her missing teeth was replaced and she happily left my clinic.

Dr Nik (

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