No More Nanny McPhee Look : Dr. Dini


Does the above picture remind you of Nanny McPhee ? It is isn’t it? At least to me. Madam Lia was tired of people making fun of her. She wanted to have a more decent smile, she said. Hence why she came to us.

I explained to her that the best treatment option for her now is to extract the protruding central incisors and to wear removable denture. When the gum is in optimal health, she can opt to do an implant or bridge to replace the missing central incisors.

She agreed to my treatment plan. She came in for 3 visits, in a duration of 2 weeks in order to get the denture. On the issuing day, I first pulled out the protruding central incisors and placed in her upper denture once the bleeding stop.


What a tremendous change right? Yup! No more people making fun of her smile. 🙂 Here come the new Madam Lia.

Do you have this kind of smile? Or do you know anyone who in dire need of smile makeover? Do contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Dr. Dini (

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