Mr. Z came to the clinic 2 weeks ago after he loss his lower front tooth. I asked him how did it happen and he said, the tooth was really shaky and while brushing his teeth that morning the tooth fell out by itself. He panicked he said and immediately came to the clinic without making an appointment. Once I completed the full mouth examination, I asked him if he brought his teeth with him. He explained to me, he left it at his house because he was in hurry to see me and it didn’t occur to him that I needed the tooth.

Mr. Z had to come the next day for me to fix his condition. He also brought his tooth together with him. I suggested to him few treatment options and one of it was Fiber Reinforced Composite ( FRC) Bridge . He immediately agreed to my suggestion. I started off with full mouth scaling and polishing and the proceeded to the FRC bridge treatment.

Fiber-reinforced composite resin (FRC) bridges are a conservative alternative method for the replacement of missing teeth. The abutment teeth can be conserved with a minimally invasive preparation, thereby ensuring that the technique is reversible (that means if the patient decide for other treatment in future, it is easily removed without damaging the abutment teeth), and FRC bridge treatment can be performed in a single visit. It is a painless treatment if you ask me. 🙂

This was how Mr. Z looks like after I completed the treatment. It took me about 2 hours to complete the procedure. Mr. Z profusely thanked me for bringing back his smile and he promised to do his regular dental visit every 4 month to avoid this problem from happening again.

I’m happy that I’ve help him in gaining back his confidence to smile freely and also he understood the importance of regular dental check up.

Dr. Dini (

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