Dark Tooth Rejuvenated – Dr. Shanaz

Amir had a fall when he was younger, that lead to an injury of his front tooth. A root canal treatment was done to save his tooth from extraction and everything was going well until he realised that his tooth kept on getting darker closer to his gum margin.

Amir had previously gotten a veneer done on the tooth from another clinic, but the darkened internal structure was still visible. So I suggested he try out Internal Bleaching as a method to whiten the teeth before opting to do a crown or redo his current veneer. That would save him a lot of money and no drilling will be needed!

Darkened front tooth at gum margin.

After proceeding with the procedure, we scheduled a review appointment just 1 week after. And look at the results! All it took was a 30min procedure, and 1 week in between to wait for the tooth to whitened.

A root canal treatment usually causes the tooth to darken due to the medication we place to help heal the bone and root. But fret not, the medication has changed since then, and usually we won’t this issue of darkened tooth anymore. If you have a similar issue, come visit us! – shanaz@drfauziah.com

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